Corporate Social Responsibility

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Saltee group forays into the macro elements of society and culture preserving the same with great care and through innovative events. The natural blessing of mother nature are endowed on this very state and Saltee group encouraging planting of more trees in this green State.

The fact that the scenic beauty is supplemented by the colorful and vibrant festivities, there is no doubting the fact when we mention of Bengal we know the immediate festival that strikes our mind is the Durga Puja. The magnanimity of this festival is a spectacle that the world adores and to preserve this magnanimity Saltee Group acknowledges the artistic and cultuiral heritage of the Puja "Pandals". This initiative is to preserve this legacy, acknowledges and awards the best Puja Pandals in Bidhannagar. The elements of Safety and Design are considered for the various category awards.

The fact this award dates back to the 1990's when the population in the township was miniscule and the budgets of the various Puja very small, it was a threat to the cultural heritage of Bengal and that Salt Lake would be devoid of the charms of the great Durga Puja. Today Saradiya Samman is not only an award ceremony, it has encouraged and challenged the excellence of the Design and Innovation of many a Puja Pandals and made Fire and other safety norms a must for every Puja in Salt Lake. This recognition has preserved and elevated the levels of design, innovation and safety for the great Durga Puja. This program was conducted in association wit the West Bengal Police 24 Parganas North.